I would like to offer you the opportunity to receive your guests in your own home and serve a meal at the culinary level of a restaurant, thus providing the best of both worlds – all for a very reasonable price. If you hire me to be your personal chef for the evening, you will be able to present a menu that is truly yours, as it will have been created to your demands and served in your home, without you spending more time in the kitchen than with your guests.

The process begins with a preliminary visit to assess the possibilities of your home and kitchen, when we will discuss your expectations and needs regarding the menu and the occasion. Then I’ll send you a menu, which I will have put together especially for you, taking all your preferences into account. Anything is possible, from an informal buffet to a fancy meal with as many courses as you want.

You can also choose one of my attractively priced packages, which consist of a fixed menu for a set price. I offer a choice of the following packages: an Italian meal, a Thai dinner, a seasonal menu or a traditional Sunday lunch.

I can also be hired to cater your meetings or business lunches, and I offer several workshops (for groups between 6 and 12 people) and courses (for groups of a maximum of 4 people).

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities of hiring me as your personal chef, please send an email to to culinair@susannahherman.nl or fill in the contact form.